The Seva Law Firm is boutique litigation firm based in Troy, MI, with a satellite office in Southfield, MI. We are first and foremost litigators and trial lawyers. We concentrate our practice on insurance litigation, but we handle all types of litigation including corporate litigation, contract disputes, and personal injury.

What makes Seva Law firm different?

Our firm gets results. Our client satisfaction rate is through the roof, and we invite you to get client referrals (corporate or individual) to confirm. However, there are plenty of firms in the area that get great results and have high satisfaction rates so why should you hire The Seva Law Firm?

The Seva Law Firm

We prides itself on being a very progressive firm and has instituted many policies and programs to ensure that it remains a leader in the industry. For one, The Seva Law Firm is extremely technologically advanced for a law firm. We give our clients the option to communicate with us electronically at their leisure. All of our attorneys get email to their phone and are required to provide prompt responses. We allow clients to track their litigation calendar online. We share all documents electronically if requested. Further, we are a paperless firm (other than the fact that the opposing parties still paper us to death). Most importantly, our trial presentations are second to none with video, PowerPoint, and graphics whenever appropriate.

Secondly, our firm has a firm policy to return all client calls within 24-hours of the client’s call. The number one complaint clients have with lawyers is the inability to reach their attorney. We are well aware of this fact and work hard to ensure that we do not perpetuate this bad practice.


Manpreet Gill


Pratheep Sevanthinathan

Managing Attorney


Ashley Burkhart

Associate Attorney

Ibrahim Hammoud

Associate Attorney

Kathrine Ruttkofsky

Associate Attorney

Nicholas Doherty

Associate Attorney

Omar Sheriff

Senior Attorney

Sandi Odisho

Associate Attorney


Jamie Vue

Office Manager

Janel Savaya

Managing Litigation Paralegal

Kimberly Sullivan

Managing Intake Paralegal


Abdelwahab Mattour

Litigation Law Clerk

Brionna Frida

Litigation Paralegal

Elvira Cimic

Litigation Paralegal

Emily Yang

Medical Provider Clerk

Faith Vue

Records Clerk

Ivan Gill

Medical Provider Clerk

Janise Kue

Legal Assistant

Jasmine Gatling

Litigation Paralegal

Jyzelle Deese


Kevin Michaelcavage

Intake Paralegal

Vicky Chang

Intake Clerk

Zoe Lis

Litigation Discovery Assistant