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Medical Providers

The Seva Law Firm Services prides itself in advising medical facilities on strategic growth and navigating legal hurdles.  We currently represent numerous medical providers in insurance disputes, reimbursement actions, and collections.  We also provide legal and business counseling for medical facilities.Dealing with insurance adjusters can be frustrating, time consuming, and emotionally draining so our firm will take this burden off you and we handle your insurance disputes to get you the payments you deserve and that the insurance company owes you.

Personal Injury

The PI attorneys at the Seva Law Firm services work tirelessly to ensure their clients involved in auto, premise, and workplace accidents get back on their feet after traumatic injury and are justly compensated for their pain and suffering.


Small Inventor Patents

We have USPTO licensed patent attorneys ready to help you take your idea to the market. We work with small inventors get through the lengthy and arduous patent application process. The Seva Law Firm will help its clients with everything from the initial patent search, to filing the provisional patent, to creating valid patent drawings, all the way through to the filing of the patent. If the patent is denied we will also respond to USPTO Office Actions, to try and push the patent through. We do it all. And because we only work with small inventors, our fees are far lower than what is charged by most big patent firms.

Contract Disputes

Don’t see eye-to-eye with someone you contracted with? Give us a call, we handle contract issues on regular basis and know the law inside-out.